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About the program:

Westminster’s music program seeks to encourage and support children in cultivating their own relationship with music. This is accomplished by playful exploration and uninhibited expression. Our goal is tonal and rhythmic competence, which we achieve by helping each student experience different musical elements before putting a name to them. We plant the seeds for them to understand steady beat, timbre, dynamics, and melodic singing through different songs, chants, and activities. Once the students have experienced these concepts, we name them. This approach promotes authentic learning and ensures that each child will enter elementary school with the tools needed for musical success.
An important aspect of our daily lessons is the use of instruments. Children learn how to identify and play different percussive instruments, and we introduce melodic ones as well. Students play with both hands and practice alternating hands, and they hear stories from different cultures. We also incorporate songs for special holidays and celebrations.
Music is a unique part of the school day, and one we hope your children look forward to! Our aim is to cultivate a love of music and a positive association with music class. We know that music is processed by the whole brain, and that one’s musical aptitude is not linked to intelligence. With these facts in mind, we aim to cultivate courage and curiosity as we sing and create together, so that we can support children’s social-emotional journey through preschool. Westminster embraces music as an element that is conducive to learning, and we look forward to sharing in music community with you!


Miss Jessica and Miss Laura


Jessica Liederbach Bio

Jessica is a 2011 graduate of Berklee College of Music in Professional Music and Vocal Performance. She sang rather than spoke her first utterances; therefore, she understands the vital role music plays in early childhood education. She is currently in a graduate program to obtain her clinical board certification in Music Therapy. She incorporates elements from her studies into her classes to highlight music’s ability to heal, connect, and engage our full hearts and minds. She is pleased to be a part of the Westminster community!

Laura Galanti Bio

Laura is a 2015 graduate of Berklee College of Music in Music Education. She is a vocal coach and piano teacher in addition to her work in the classroom. She strives to foster a love of music in children of all ages! She believes musical concepts are best implemented when a child is young, so she is thrilled to be working with the children of Westminster!