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As with all classrooms at Westminster, music class has a planned lesson for every day. Each lesson is carefully and strategically put together to incorporate many of the building blocks needed for musical growth. We practice call and response, listen and sing in a variety of tonalities, speak rhythmic patterns, explore new instruments and invent new ways to play the old ones, and allow for each individual to discover their unique relationship with music. These concepts are not taught by teaching scales or theory, though we will add technical aspects as it’s developmentally appropriate, but instead are taught through uninhibited exploration and expression. It’s my goal to see each child find joy in the act of trying. Through trying, the notes will become clearer, the rhythm will become crisper, and they will feel confident, happy, and proud within their new abilities. I was five when I decided music would be a part of my life forever. It is beyond rewarding for Elizabeth and I to nourish your children and watch them flourish.


Jessica Liederbach & Elizabeth Henard


November – Thanksgiving Feast (5s)

During the Thanksgiving Feast, we present the parents and other guests with a small, informal presentation of some of out favorite Thanksgiving songs.

December – The Christmas Story (4s and 5s)

The Christmas Story is a Westminster tradition. We present the story of the birth of Jesus through song in a not-to-be-missed program.

Classroom Christmas Celebrations (3s)

The 3’s students will also learn some of those songs from the 4’s and 5’s Christmas program. They will then perform these in a classroom setting.

April – Spring Sing (3s)

The students present a sweet and entertaining program of our favorite Spring songs.

Circus (5s)

Welcome to the Westminster Circus! We have ferocious Lions, beautiful Ballerinas, super-strong Strong Men, the smartest Dogs you’ve ever seen… and many more acts to keep you entertained the whole day long. A wonderful way to close out a great school year!