Goals for 2 yr olds


Goals for 2 Year Olds

Physical Development

  • Demonstrates hand eye coordination while moving around and engaging in play activities
  • Accomplishes many self-help activities including personal care routines with minimal to no assistance
  • Moves with balance and control when participating in play
  • Uses fingers, hands, and eyes to engage in a variety of activities

Social Development

  • Begins to act independently
  • Identifies common events and routines
  • Reacts to attitudes and behaviors of familiar adults
  • Has capacity to play cooperatively with other children
  • Shows cautious interest in unfamiliar adults
  • Begins to categorize time intervals
  • Gains skill in identifying and expressing feelings
  • Growing Competent in accomplishments of self care

Intellectual Development

  • Begins to understand the connection between books and personal experiences
  • Scribbles and draws with intention
  • Begins to use reasoning skills and imagination when planning ways to make things happen
  • Builds understanding of quantity and size
  • Begins to count by row
  • Understands simple acts of cause and effect
  • Begins to distinguish between words with similar phonemes, such as pat and path

Language Development

  • Understands questions
  • Understands simple directions
  • Participates in conversation
  • Uses some conventions of speech when expressing thoughts and ideas
  • Speech is understood by most familiar adults