Goals for 3 yr olds


Goals for 3 Year Olds


• Engages in a variety of activities which enhance development of both large and small muscles:
• Begins to use scissors, markers, chalk, paint brushes, and playdough with some control and confidence
• Is developing skill in walking, running, jumping, sliding, climbing, balancing, skipping, swinging,
pedaling, galloping, hopping, and climbing stairs
• Participates in creative movement
• Attempts to work puzzles of 10 pieces or more
• Builds wit small interlocking toys
• Constructs with large and small blocks
• Attempts to build tower of 7-10 cubes

Social Development
• Knows that he/she is loved by an adult outside the family
• Realizes that he/she is a special and unique person
• Develops friendship roles;
• Initiates conversation with peers
• Attempts to enter a group play situation
• Plays with several friends
• Develops conversational skills
• Participates in two-way conversation with adults and peers
• Listens when others speak
• Participates in group activities
• Uses equipment appropriately
• Exhibits willingness to share with others
• Respects property (own and that of others)
• Takes responsibility for helping put away toys and games
• Begins to deal with conflicts appropriately
• Respects others feelings, needs, and rights,
• Verbalizes his own feelings, needs, and rights
• Exhibits a positive self-image
• Appears confident
• Shows self-satisfaction
• Willing to try new things
• Needs minimal reassurance from adults for problem solving
• Demonstrates independence (copes with separation from parents)
• Exhibits some sense of humor

Intellectual Development
• Listens to a story in a group
• Participates in an activity for a period of time or to completion
• Remembers simple poems and nursery rhymes
• Follows sequential directions and delayed directions
• Exhibits awareness of body parts
• Demonstrates awareness of alphabet letters as important and useful symbols
• Shows interest in letters in name
• Distinguishes differences in size, shape, color, and other attributes
• Recognizes three or more shapes
• Attempts to recognize primary and secondary colors
• Exhibits initial development of the concept of time
• Has a basic understanding of prepositions pertaining to spatial relationships
• Counts to five with one to one correspondence
• Recognizes some numerals 1-10

• Speaks in simple sentences
• Shows evidence of increasing vocabulary
• Recite poems and nursery rhymes
• Show interest in rhyming words and sound
• Learns to hold a book correctly and turn pages from beginning to end (reading readiness)
• Begins to use words to communicate ideas of time and measurement
• Can relate events spatially

Creative Development
• Expresses self creatively role playing
• Engages in imitation and pretend play
• Acts out stories
• Develops awareness of melody, rhythm, and tone (loud and soft) in music
• Enjoys creating, listening, and moving to music
• Uses art media in creative ways