Goals for 4 yr olds


Social Development
• Develops a positive self-image.
• Becomes more independent and self-directed.
• Accepts and respects others.
• Makes more than one friend.
• Plays cooperatively with others and shares.
• Exhibits pride in care of school and classroom.
• Uses good manners.
• Cares for clothes and belongings.
• Accepts responsibility for own actions.
• Begins to solve own problems with less adult intervention.
• Knows other children in class by name.
• Is able to ask for help when needed.
• Works and plays with limited supervision.
• Participates in class routines.
• Completes tasks.
• Can play alone and in a group constructively.
• Carries out responsibilities, helps clean up, and follows rules.

Language Development
• Speaks in complete sentences.
• Uses vocabulary appropriate to the age level.
• Takes part in group discussions with comments pertinent to the topic.
• Communicates well with adults.
• Uses language skills to promote social interaction.
• Participates in “Show and Tell” and saying blessing-becomes comfortable speaking in front of peers.
• Listens when others speak.

Creative Development
• Is willing to try new and different art projects.
• Expresses self through music and movement appropriately
• Plays enthusiastically in an imaginary play setting.
• Uses art materials with a growing awareness of detail and reality
• Uses construction toys creatively and in an increasingly organized way.
• Shows pride in accomplishments.

Physical Development
• Exhibits skill in running, jumping, riding tricycle, swinging, and galloping.
• Is able to throw a large ball with some accuracy and catch it regularly.
• Gets up and down on climbing equipment.
• Uses scissors, crayons, magic markers, small and large paint brushes, play dough, and paper punch with increasing skill, accuracy and proper grip.
• Puts together multiple piece interlocking puzzles, pegs, other construction toys.
• Puts on own coat, sweater, mittens, fastens zipper, overall straps and belts.
• Uses right or left hand dominantly.

Intellectual Development
• Knows first and last name.
• Listens attentively in group situations and is able to answer questions related to the activity.
• Relates story in logical sequence and can predict outcome.
• Counts from 1 to 20 by rote.
• Counts up to 15 objects with 1 to 1 correspondence.
• Recognizes numerals from 1 to 20
• Recognizes letters of the alphabet(most upper and some lower case) and knows sounds of some.
• Recognizes rhyming words.
• Is aware of the days of the week, the months, the weather, and the seasons.
• Distinguishes opposites, likenesses, differences.
• Follows 3 step directions.
• Reproduces basic shapes.
• Draws recognizable forms.
• Can write first name.
• Can identify body parts, i.e. elbow, knee, stomach
• Begins to distinguish right from left.
• Begins to respond to first request.
• Able to attend in large group for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Has adequate attention span.