Goals for 5 yr olds


• Exhibits skill with scissors.
• Can manipulate pencils and crayons.
• Can skip, gallop and run.
• Can throw and catch a ball (large and small).
• Can paste and crease paper; exhibits control of glue bottle.
• Can ride a tricycle.
• Is able to push self in swing.
• Can climb a jungle gym and other equipment.
• Can walk on a balance beam.

• Works and plays with limited supervision.
• Develop respect for self, others, and the environment.
• Can follow multiple directions and tune out distractions.
• Participates in class routines.
• Completes tasks.
• Can play alone constructively.
• Can play in group constructively.
• Has a positive feeling about self.
• Increase social skills; negotiate, develop awareness of other’s feelings, gain compassion
• Takes care of equipment.
• Participates in discussion.

• Can recite name, age, phone number and address.
• Can count to 25.
• Can count with one to one correspondence.
• Can recognize numerals 1-20.
• Can write numerals 1-10.
• Can combine two small sets to get total.
• Draws recognizable forms.
• Can work difficult puzzles to 30 pieces.
• Can do simple fractions (whole, half).
• Can recognize and extend patterns.
• Has adequate attention span.
• Has geometric and measurement skills.
• Has sense of value of money.

• Can communicate in well-formed sentences.
• Increase ability to organize thoughts through sharing, sequencing, and storytelling.
• Has proper use of verbs and pronouns.
• Can recognize alphabet, upper and lower.
• Can recite alphabet.
• Can match upper and lower case letters.
• Can write first name.
• Follows left to right progression in reading.
• Can recognize and make sound of every consonant.
• Sounds out simple words.
• Can recognize some sight words.
• Can recall characters and events in story read aloud.

Creative Development
• Participates in dramatization of events such as Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Dad’s Night, and Circus.
• Participates in art activities.
• Participates in music class.
• Participates in classroom dramatic play, both teacher directed and student initiated.