The children have fun learning all sorts of musical themes with Ms. Appuzzo and Ms. Peters each day in music class.  Among the goals set in the curriculum, the children are exposed to a variety of instruments, composers, genres and styles of music.  They learn call and response, pitch, timing, and of course singing!

Throught the school year, the children perform for their parents and guests.

  • At the Thanksgiving Feast in November, the 5s perform some of their favorite Thanksgiving songs.
  • In the Christmas Story in December, the 4s & 5s continue the longstanding Westminster tradition of telling the story of the birth of Jesus.
  • In the 3s’ classrooms, the children perform Christmas songs for parents and friends.
  • In March, the 4s & 5s host Dads’ Day with special time for dads in the classrooms and a big finish in a combined music class.
  • In April, the 3s present a sweet and entertaining performance at their annual Spring Sing.
  • In May, the 4s welcome moms in their classrooms for Mothers’ Day Teas, with sweets and songs for their moms.
  • Also in May, the 5s present the grand finale performance of the year at the annual WSYC Circus.  Ferocious lions, beautiful ballerinas, muscular strong men, and the smartest dogs perform in the greatest show on Earth!  The Circus is a wonderful way to wind down another fun school year.